Element 14*PDMS 1000 Silicone

Categories : Silicone

Chemical Name :

Element 14*PDMS 1000 Silicone

CAS Number :


Weight per unit :

200.00 Kg.

Container :

Steel Drum

Dimension :

58.5 x 88.5 cm

Price per unit :

0.00 Baht

Discount :

0.00 %

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Element14 PDMS medium viscosity oil is a linear polymer dimethyl siloxane with Kinematic viscosity at 1000 cSt.

Implementation It is a component of substances used in many industries.

- Fluids in hydraulic systems                - As an ingredient in abrasives

- As an ingredient in mold making        - As a lubricant

- As an ingredient in foaming agents    - As an ingredient in personal care products

- As an ingredient in textile products    - As an ingredient in paints and coatings


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