LE-45AP 20 kg

Categories : Silicone

Chemical Name :

LE-45AP 20 kg

CAS Number :


Weight per unit :

20.00 Kg.

Container :


Dimension :

255 x 384 x 310 mm.

Price per unit :

0.00 Baht

Discount :

0.00 %

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LE 45AP is a 35% solution of silicone, ready to use as an ingredient in automotive upholstery. and various coatings It is soluble in water, often used as a solvent for rubber and plastic products.

Key Features and Benefits

- Goes well with other finishing ingredients.

- May reduce stickiness Acts as a lubricant or mold remover for easy removal.

Potential Applications

- latex,  gloves

- Loosening molds in rubber and plastics to maintain product quality Containers should be tightly closed when not in use and stored at normal room temperature. and protected from prolonged exposure to extreme heat or freezing conditions. This may cause the products to separate from each other if separation occurs. Let thaw if frozen, stir the ingredients and use as normal.

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