Butyl CELLOSOLVE Solvent

Categories : Solvent

Chemical Name :

Ethylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether

CAS Number :


Weight per unit :

180.00 Kg.

Container :

Steel Drum

Dimension :

58.5 x 88.5 cm

Price per unit :

0.00 Baht

Discount :

0.00 %

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Dow Chemical's Butyl Cellosolve is a versatile solvent and works well in the coating industry (Coating), cleaning industry (Cleaning). Butyl Cellosolve is used as a solvent for shellac, lacquer, thinner, paint, printing ink, paint stripping solution. In addition, Butyl Cellosolve is  used in fabrics such as printing and preventing spots. Butyl Cellosolve is also the fastest volatile Glycol Ether. Butyl Cellosolve is highly compatible with various resins and is 100% solubility.


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