A surfactant is a substance that, when present at low concentrations in a system, has the property of migrating and being absorbed onto the interfaces of the system and of altering to a marked degree the interfacial free energies of those interfaces

Chemicals in Daily Life

In our daily life, we have to deal with many substances which have different characteristics. Substances used in everyday life contain chemicals that can be divided into synthetic and natural substances, which both are essential for daily life. But over usage with carelessness can cause harm as well. Have you ever wondered what chemicals we take into our bodies each day?


Silver Nano

Technology for synthesizing silver to be small at the nanometer level with a size not exceeding 100 nanometers, equivalent to DNA in the human body or 10,000 times smaller than a human hair. Resulting in a more surface area that can contact more bacteria which cannot be seen with the naked eyes it is called "Silver Nanoparticles" with its much smaller size, it increases the surface area in contact with germs, making its germ-killing properties hundreds of times more effective than ever before.


Electronic Cigarette (E-cigarette)

Electronic Cigarette is a widely debated topic these days. After the government announced a ban on the import and possession of e-cigarettes. There were many people expressing their opinions, both agreeing and disagreeing. Both sides brought forward some information to support their own opinions. This causes society and the general public to be confused about this information and how they should believe or act. We would like to collect various questions and summarize relevant and reliable research information in order to answer these questions. Hoping to create more clarity for society.